Not bad

Struggle is unavoidable
allow me to breath
yet futile pain unquestionable
Always go for the throat

Inner sanctum doesn't know
about no sacrificial goat
only truth is that blood flow
and some electric charge makes it float

Barely recognizable human forms
kill each other but speak no evil
full their mind of spikes and thorns
the fish gets caught again in the reel

Can't find no answer, no questions
Start by losing the touch, the thrill
I ask where the fuck are the passions
of that fabled average Bill?

Our destinies stand revealed
yet we refuse to achieve
a pirate who doesn't walk the plank.
Excuse me, I'd like to have a word with the chief

Can't get the weapons to fight back
just a brief moment of revile in life, damn.
Call me a terrorist, but look at the skies
while bombs fall on Shitfuckistan.

I won't accept no lords
show can I survive with no work
Always playing the same chords
until the daily explosion of the clock

A priest dies, a child smiles
You recover faith in man
and, on a second thought
we are not "that" bad, are we? Yeah...

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